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Calculator for transforming a vector from x to y, using linear algebra and transform

A calculator that converts vectors from one coordinate system to another has appeared online.The new website, which was first spotted by TechRadar, has been set up by a user named “tj” and is named “transform” in the description.“This calculator converts any vector to any other vector and vice versa,” the site says.“You can make the […]

The Man Who Created The Transformers: The Cake That Made Us All (VIDEO)

I’ve had a very busy life and I’m constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to make money.My husband and I both have kids and are very busy.When we first started the company we did not have a salary, but I was able to make $20,000 per year by working in a soup kitchen.That was […]

When Pad mounted transformer in the Philippines will help fight drugs

Pad mounted transformers (PAT) are currently used to convert the energy of wind turbines into electricity for power stations.Now a study in the Journal of Applied Energy Materials has found that the same process can also be used to produce heat from biomass.The study, titled “Biosynthesis of a PAD-based heat-producing plant by a biomass-based energy […]

When Fast Fourier Transformers Cast Movies Into Space

In the film Fast Fouriers, the cast of Fast Fouries includes actors Adam Wingard, Alex Karp, and Chris O’Dowd.The film, which is set in a future with teleportation, uses a series of high-speed rotors to accelerate particles, such as electrons, into space.But in space, the rotation has an enormous effect.When the particles travel faster than […]

Why the Transformers: Prime Trilogy is a must-have in the living room

The Transformers: The Last Knight, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are all among the hottest properties on Netflix right now.Now, with Transformers: Transformers Prime Trilogy and Transformers Animated coming out on May 29, 2019, there’s no better time to get into the action.

How to make your own superhero porn comic for your kids

It’s a pretty simple process: You get a few dozen comic books and you make a bunch of characters from them.What’s a comic book?Basically, it’s a collection of comics that’s usually a collection or a collection together, so it can contain a bunch.You can make a superhero comic for kids, or you can make one […]

How to Make a Robot That Kills Robots

What is a robot?How does it work?What are the most important rules for using one?These are the questions that are central to the robot-killing industry.But these are also the things that are difficult to understand, say, to make a robot that doesn’t make mistakes.Robots are not programmed to be humanlike; they’re not designed to be […]

POPTURBINE: What the experts are saying about pop transformer spoilers

We’re going to explore what the experts say about pop-transformer spoilers.We’ll explore the issue in depth by using the same dataset that Popturbine uses to show you the results of its pop-transformers reviews.This time we’re looking at pop-turbines in Japan, and we’ll use the data from Poptamp.In Japan, Poptamps ratings are based on the ratings […]

Why I am leaving all my Tesla Model S cars in the garage

I am moving my entire Tesla Model SE fleet to the garage.I’ve owned a few of these cars and have driven them quite a bit in the past.But after about a month, I realized that they were starting to get old and slow.And with my son now about two years old, they needed to be […]

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