How to draw cartoon horses with CSS transforms

It’s hard to explain how easy it is to transform a horse into a cartoon character.

With CSS transforms you can animate a cartoon horse with CSS.

For example, if you wanted to animate a horse’s tail to go up, you could create an animation using CSS transform: translate(30deg); and CSS transform { translate(10deg); } to create a cartoon tail, which would be the animation in the GIF above.

Now you could animate the tail to fall down to a new position using CSS transition: translate(-30deg, 30deg); .

But we want to animate the entire tail.

That’s where CSS transform transforms comes in.

With transforms you set an initial value for the transform property, which will cause the animation to begin.

For instance, if we want the tail and the rider to look like two animated figures, we could set transform: scale(30, 30) .

Here’s the code for an animation with CSS transform .

This is the transformation that transforms the tail into a figure:

Here is the animation with the transform: rotate(-30).

The animated figure is now moving horizontally!

To see the animation of the whole tail, just click on the animation’s image and drag the figure on the page.

To see it all animate in a single animation, drag the animated figure on and then drag the tail on the animated image.

You can also animate the whole body by changing the transform to animate both the head and tail.


  • Head
  • Foot


So how do we use CSS transforms?

First, we need to create the CSS transformation.

For this, we’ll use CSS transform, which can be found in the document.

It’s a shorthand for the CSS transform property.

The transform property is used to define the properties of a CSS object.

For an example, the transform name would be: translate,rotate(0deg),scale(5).

This will create a simple transform that will animate both head and body.

The code to create this transform is as follows: Now, if the image and the CSS are not set up correctly, the code above won’t work.

We need to tell the browser what to do with the animation.

First, add the following CSS to our animated body div.

The CSS to animate is as follow: .animated { transform:translate(0,0); transform-origin: top left; } The transform value will be a shorthand value for what you want the transform object to be.

This will be the transform that is used by the browser to animate.

This value is set in the HTML.


Now that the transform is set, we can animate the body with CSS animate .

The code for this is as following: .animate { transform-width: 100%; transform-scale: 0; } To see how transform works in action, here’s a GIF of the animation from before and after the transform.

You’ll notice that the body is not moving.

We’re not animating the whole head, but rather the entire body.

If we change the transform value to translate(-10deg) we get the animated head and the animated tail.

So now the tail looks like a cartoon figure!

You can see the tail moving up, down, and in all directions, and it looks like the head is moving up.

We’ll animate the head again later.

Here’s an animated GIF of both tails.

Notice how they look like cartoon figures!

CSS transforms have a nice property called animate which is used when the value of a property changes.

The animation properties for transform, scale, and transform-transform can be set to animate when the transform and the transform-position properties are changed.

For these properties, animate returns true if the property is set to be true, false otherwise. To change

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