Trump, GOP, Democrats rally in Florida amid wildfires

The GOP-led state Legislature is set to convene for the second time since wildfires swept through the state, with several Republicans and Democrats in attendance.

The sessions are scheduled for Monday, Oct. 28, at 2 p.m. in Tallahassee and Tuesday, Oct 17, at 3 p..m in Jacksonville.

Both sessions are free, but tickets are required to attend.

 The House will convene at 10 a.m., and the Senate will convenes at noon.

The session is being billed as a first-ever bipartisan effort to tackle wildfires, a statewide emergency that has left more than 200 people dead.

Democrats, however, say they’re not focused on the fires or what the wildfires have meant to Florida.

Instead, they are focused on their own constituents, who are now grappling with a wave of death and destruction in the state.

The first-time Legislature convenes Monday will bring with it a number of lawmakers and other legislators from across the political spectrum, many of whom will be returning to their home districts for the first time in decades.

Florida has seen a steep uptick in fatalities from wildfires in recent weeks.

The wildfires forced some state officials to call for mandatory evacuations, and lawmakers have been scrambling to find ways to reduce the spread of the fires.

The Florida House and Senate are currently scheduled to hold their first joint session since the fires broke out in October.

While the number of deaths in the fires has decreased, the number has increased by more than 5,000.

The number of wildfires has grown by more then 2,000 people, according to the state’s National Weather Service.

The state’s largest city, Orlando, has experienced a fire season that has been so intense that it has seen more than 2,100 wildfires in the past week alone.

Trump, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate President Andy Gardiner, House Speaker Mike Turzai, House Minority Leader Mike Turki, and House Majority Leader Scott Frantz, all attend the joint session.

Many of the Republicans attending the session were elected to represent Florida’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes Orlando and has been heavily impacted by the wildfires.

They are in attendance because they’re the lawmakers who represent the 2nd District, and also because the state is under a state of emergency due to the fires and its devastating impacts on people’s lives.

Several lawmakers from the district will also attend.

They include Florida House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Mike Faso, Rep. Bill Cassidy, Rep of the Florida Republican Party Brian Mast, Rep Bob McKeon, Rep Brad Smith, Rep Tim Griffin, Rep D.J. Johnson, Rep John Fleming, Rep James Pileggi, Rep Paul Mancini, Rep Matt Mancino, Rep Chris Jones, Rep Ron Estes, Rep Tom Price, Rep J.D. Torres, Rep Mark Meadows, Rep Mike Thompson, Rep Jimmie Lee Johnson, and Rep Kevin Brady.

Republican Senate Leader Chuck Grassley, who represents Florida’s 11th Congressional District and also represents the 11th District in Congress, will also be attending.

McConnell and Ryan both attend the session because they are both members of the House.

Republicans in the Senate are in a special session due to a disaster in the Florida Keys.

The Senate is set up as a committee, but the rules require senators to attend a full session.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Norris, who also represents Florida, will be attending, as well.

A few of the state senators in attendance have already returned to their districts.

Sen. Ron Johnson, who represented the 11.6-million-member state, will attend the Senate’s joint session as well, according a spokesperson.

Sen. Bob Johnson, another Republican representing the 11,000-member congressional district, will not be attending as he is in Washington, D.C., at a legislative hearing, but will be present in Tallarico, Florida, for the session.

Senators Joe Manchin and Brian Schatz are also attending.

Other Republicans in attendance are Reps.

John Fleming of North Carolina, Chris Jones of Indiana, and Tom Price of Georgia, and Sen. Mark Meadows of North Dakota.

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