How to build a bumblebees transformer explosion toy

With their eyes wide open, a pair of bumble bees transform into giant transformers that blast off into the distance.

The bumble bee’s eyes were glued to the screen.

A bright orange laser pointer was flashing in their eyes.

The tiny bumble-bees’ tiny eyes were closed.

Their tiny hands were clenched together.

They weren’t talking.

They were just waiting for their little transformation toy to explode.

The toy had just arrived at a remote Ontario facility for a buster project.

The idea was simple: build a new bumble Bee transformer, a miniature version of the giant transformer that blew up in the movie Transformers.

But with the toy at hand, the bumble insects had the power to do it.

In this video, bumble and bumble beetle transform into a buss, which then blasts off into space.

The toys were packed in a box and sent to the B.C. factory where they were assembled.

They are then shipped to a remote facility where they’re built into small, handheld transformers for the buster.

The process is painstaking and involves several steps.

The bumble beetles use their tiny legs to propel themselves.

They attach their antennae to the buss and then pull it along in the same direction.

Then, the smaller bumble bugs attach their legs to the antennae and pull it back.

Then they attach their tail and pull them along.

The final step involves the bumbling beetles attaching their legs and pulling it along.

They have to do this so that the bumbles can use their antennaes to attach their buss to their bumble.

It took about five hours of hard work to assemble the toys.

It was all part of the bureacracy project at the B-Museum of Science and Technology in Kitchener.

The company is looking to transform its bumblebusses into mini transformers.

The project was funded through the province’s Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation.

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