How to get the most out of your favorite movie theaters and theaters with these new theaters’ features

It’s the year 2018, and in many ways it feels like it was the year of the movie theater.

Nowhere is that sentiment more evident than in the movie theaters themselves.

Here’s our guide to the best movie theaters in 2018.


The Best Movie Venues in the U.S.

A list of the Best Movie theaters in the United States, ranked by the number of theaters in their country.

The New York Times / Getty Images 2.

Best Movie Theater in the World The best movie theater in the world, according to The Times.

The Times / The New Yorker / Getty 3.

Best Cinemas in the Country The top five theaters in each of the country’s largest cities according to the New York Daily News.

The Daily Mail / Getty 4.

Best TV Shows in the States The best TV shows in each state according to CNET.

The Washington Post / Getty 5.

Best Video Game Venues In America The best video game theater in America according to

The Verge / Getty 6.

Best Hotel Venues The best hotels in America based on the number they own.

The Associated Press / Getty 7.

Best Nightlife Venues A list of hotels with the best nightlife venues based on their location in the country.

USA Today / Getty 8.

Best Sports Venues American sports teams have been known to make their home in the most iconic movie theaters around the world.

Getty Images 9.

Best Dance Clubs In America Dance clubs have been a part of American culture for centuries, but few people know the best dance clubs in America.

USA TODAY / Getty 10.

Best Live Music Venues Live music venues in America are some of the best venues for live music lovers.

Getty 11.

Best Travel Venues Travel is an amazing way to explore new places and experience new cultures.

The Guardian / Getty 12.

Best Art Galleries The art galleries in America have some of best art in the entire world.

The Huffington Posts / Getty 13.

Best Restaurants America’s best restaurants in 2018 based on Yelp.

Yelp / Getty 14.

Best Music Venue America’s top music venues based in 2018 according to Yelp.

The Hollywood Reporter / Getty 15.

Best Wine Bar In The World The wine bars in America rank as one of the world’s best.

The Telegraph / Getty 16.

Best Beauty Parlors America’s most popular beauty parlors based on reviews.

Cosmopolitan / Getty 17.

Best Hair Design The best hairstyles in the whole world based on Beauty.

Cosmo / Getty 18.

Best Tattoos America’s biggest tattoo parlours based on user reviews.

The Cut / Getty 19.

Best Jewelry Stores In America America’s jewelry stores are some the best in the US according to Beauty.

The Wall Street Journal / Getty 20.

Best Books in America America has some of America’s greatest literature, and many of its best books are located in America’s favorite movie theatres.

Getty 21.

Best Food & Wine In America With more than 70,000 locations in America, America has a number of great restaurants to choose from.

Getty 22.

Best Movies in America Movie theaters are some one of Americas most iconic landmarks.

Getty 23.

Best Bars & Restaurants In America Restaurant chains are some Americas favorite places to hang out and hang out with friends.

Getty 24.

Best Gifts & Merchandise In America People have been wearing gift bags and hats for centuries.

Getty 25.

Best Bicycles & Fitness In America Cycling has been a big part of the American lifestyle for centuries; and many Americans still ride bicycles.

Getty 26.

Best Toys & Games In America Toys and games have been around for a long time.

Getty 27.

Best Cosmetics In America There are so many different kinds of makeup out there, but you probably know some of them.

Getty 28.

Best Events In America From weddings to corporate functions, there’s no shortage of fun events to attend.

Getty 29.

Best Deals In America When it comes to deals, it’s easy to get distracted by the big-ticket items.

Getty 30.

Best Gift Cards In America You can get all the great gifts in one place.

Getty 31.

Best Apparel In America Apparel is some of our favorite products to wear.

Getty 32.

Best Cars In America Cars are a big deal in America and some of their greatest treasures are in their car parks.

Getty 33.

Best Fashion Trends In America Fashion trends are some Americans favorite things to wear and buy.

Getty 34.

Best Health Products In America Health products are some things that people are passionate about.

Getty 35.

Best Mobile Apps In America Apps have made a huge impact on many people’s lives.

Getty 36.

Best Technology Trends In North America In the United Kingdom, Apple is the biggest company in terms of market cap.

Getty 37.

Best Consumer Electronics In North Korea The most popular electronics in North Korea.

Getty 38.

Best Electronics For The Family In North Africa The most common electronics in Africa. Getty 39

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