Transformers: Shockwave transformer is a transformer 1

A Reddit user recently posted about his experience with the Transformers:Shockwave transform, and the first thing I thought of was the Transformers 1 film.

The movie is an incredibly entertaining and visually stunning film that has been remade and remade again, and I love it all.

The Transformers franchise has been around for over 30 years now, and while the original film is often seen as the definitive Transformers, there are many more films, games, comics, and toys to explore.

With this in mind, the Transformers franchise continues to grow, and in recent years the films have expanded and developed their own spinoffs.

One of the most popular of these is the upcoming Transformers:Transformers: Shockwaves movie, and a few months ago the movie hit theaters.

The Transformers franchise is the most successful franchise in the Transformers world, and Shockwave is one of the main characters.

The movie is set to open on July 23rd, and its official synopsis reads: The Transformers: Transformers:Rage is coming.

With a new hero and a new world to explore, the world’s most popular heroes, villains and machines will join forces to take on the world!

And they will face the terrifying threat of the Decepticons, and their new enemy… the Transformers!

Shockwave transforms into a huge and powerful cyborg named Rampage, and together they’ll fight for humanity against an unstoppable army of the greatest Transformers of all time.

Now, the battle rages on as the world waits with bated breath.

But there is a sparkle in the darkness, and one little sparkle can be the spark that will light the world on fire!

The Transformers: Rage trailer has been seen over 300,000 times on YouTube and has over 4.2 million views.

It also has been the most viewed trailer of all-time, and has been viewed more than 7.3 billion times in the last two months.

It is the third most watched Transformers movie on YouTube.

When I saw the trailer I was excited about the movie, because it was a good movie to see.

The characters are really good, and each of them have their own unique personalities.

Shockwave’s is super-cool and fun, and his transformation into a massive cyborg is hilarious.

And the new Transformers:Manticore is pretty cool as well, as is the new Decepticon Megatron.

I love the way the film opens, and it makes you think, “Wow, that’s some good writing here.”

But the trailer didn’t do anything special for me.

It was just one long trailer, with a ton of other Transformers films and toys showing up in the trailer, and no Transformers film ever gets much attention.

So when I saw that trailer I had a good laugh and thought, “What?

I thought I saw a Transformers movie.”

So I was really surprised when I came across the official synopsis for the movie on Reddit.

It reads: Shock Wave transforms into the legendary Transformers: RAGE, and now, he’s ready to take to the skies!

He’ll team up with his childhood friend Rampage to take down the Deceptions, the ultimate Autobots, and take down Optimus Prime.

It’s up to you, the reader, to decide if Shockwave has what it takes to be the Autobot I always wanted him to be!

This trailer is definitely a good sign for the Transformers series.

We’ve seen the Transformers movies before, but none have ever been this visually stunning, or this funny and engaging.

The trailer definitely does a good job of showing off all the new characters, and giving us a little glimpse of the movie’s story.

There’s a lot of fun action and action scenes, and they are all a little bit different from one another.

It does feel a little rushed, but it’s the trailers fault.

The first trailer was very rushed, and there were a lot more Transformers movies coming up.

That’s not to say the first trailer wasn’t a good one, but I was hoping the next one would be more consistent.

I think the trailer was a little over-the-top and over-excited, and really didn’t make me think much about the characters.

It felt a little too easy for me to feel invested in each of the characters and feel like I was getting to know each one individually.

The whole thing felt rushed, even if it was meant to be.

I don’t think that’s how most Transformers movies work, and when the trailers are rushed I usually just leave it at that.

The trailers usually make me want to watch more of the films, but that just makes the trailers seem like filler, and not enough of a part of the overall story.

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