Calculator for transforming a vector from x to y, using linear algebra and transform

A calculator that converts vectors from one coordinate system to another has appeared online.

The new website, which was first spotted by TechRadar, has been set up by a user named “tj” and is named “transform” in the description.

“This calculator converts any vector to any other vector and vice versa,” the site says.

“You can make the same change using only linear algebra.

If you want to do some transformation with it, just use the transformation function.”

The calculator has been created by the same team behind the Transform3D software, which can be used to create transformations for objects.

“If you’re interested in the math behind this calculator, the source code is available on Github,” TechRadu wrote.

“The code is written in C++, so it should be easy to adapt to any language.”

A user called “tbk” uploaded the calculator code to GitHub and added it to a “developers” folder, which has now been updated to be compatible with the new tool.

It is not yet clear what the user’s goal is with the calculator, although it is not known if it will be useful for other tasks.

“It’s a fun project to try to solve,” Tj wrote.

“[But] it is very challenging for a non-mathematician to use.”

A number of other popular websites have been set-up to perform such transformations, including the “Math in 3D” tool that allows users to “calculate” the position of an object by taking a vector and transforming it.

“3D” is a commonly used programming language in which users can work out complex shapes.

It was first used by Apple to create an iPhone game in 2013.

It allows users the ability to draw a 3D object by drawing a line, then drawing it in the 3D space and then repeating the process until the object is complete.

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