How to get into ‘Transformers’ for $50,000 and a place in a new trailer?

The first trailer for “Transformers” has landed online for $250,000 (U.S.) and a spot in the new trailer.

The “Transformer” franchise is set to be one of the biggest of the year, with $824 million worldwide in revenue and counting.

That includes $100 million from China, where the franchise was originally born.

The trailer, titled “The Rise of The Decepticons,” features footage of the titular team of Decepticon robots, which were created by the Autobots in their war against the Decepti-Decepticons.

It is accompanied by music by the Deven Siegel Orchestra.

In the video, a young girl (Jennifer Lawrence) and her friends watch as the Delecticons are sent into space, where they are attacked by a group of robots called the Fallen Ones.

The robot group destroys the Fallen One, who is then killed by the team.

The Fallen One’s body is then carried off by the robot group.

The girl and friends watch on in horror.

The video was uploaded to YouTube by a user called “Mirage,” who is also the founder of a “Transform” site called “Transform20.”

Mirage told The Associated Press he is a lifelong fan of the franchise and has been following the Deelion movie for a while.

“I’ve seen a lot of trailers, but this is a pretty cool trailer,” he said.

“The thing that struck me is, I know what it is about these robots, but there’s no explanation about how they got into space,” he added.

“It’s a little bit of a shock to see what happens.”

The trailer was made in partnership with Paramount Pictures.

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