Jazz: A Transformative, Innovative, and Sacred Journey

Posted November 19, 2018 07:25:31A young jazz musician who left home for college with a dream to be a composer and perform has turned his life around with his own transformational music.

The story of Jazz, which begins in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973, has been told in films and television.

In this first-person musical account, composer and pianist Josh White describes his transformation from a young musician to a jazz musician.

White, who began performing as a teenager, describes his musical life in his memoir Jazz: My Journey into Jazz and the Music of the Jazz Era.

White has spent the past 20 years playing and performing with jazz legends such as Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Miles Ahead, Louis Armstrong, and others.

In addition to his music, White is also an accomplished painter, photographer, and educator.

White is the co-founder of the Tulsa Jazz Museum and Jazz Arts Alliance.

White, who will perform in a free Jazz & Blues concert at the Tulsa Jazz Museum on November 18, 2018, says his experience in Tulsa has changed him forever.

The concert will be the first time White will perform with the TSU Jazz Band since he left Tulsa.

He is also a co-creator of the TULSA Jazz and Blues Festival.

White describes his life in Tulsa in his book Jazz: An Enrichment, Change, and Transformation.

White was raised by a single mom, lived in a rundown, boarded-up apartment in the city’s East End for six years, and was forced to move back home when he turned 19.

He said his music and family became his primary focus.

White began performing at the age of 12.

Jazz, he says, was the first music he loved to listen to and he began composing as a way to escape the reality of poverty and the limitations of the neighborhood.

“It was just a very natural progression to what I was doing, to what my life was,” White said.

“I was trying to get away from my life of being an artist and a musician, and I started composing.”

After graduating from Tulsa’s University of Tulsa in 1973 with a bachelor’s degree in composition, White worked as a piano instructor at a jazz school, the Oklahoma Jazz and Classical Academy, before moving to Nashville in 1976.

He worked with a few other composers and began recording and touring as a solo artist.

He has performed with the Jazz Band, Jazz Orchestra of America, and Jazz Festival of America and toured with the American Jazz Symphony.

White and his wife, Kathy, now a musician herself, have three children, a daughter and a son.

White is also the cofounder of Tulsa Jazz Arts and Jazz Museum, which serves as the headquarters for Tulsa’s Jazz Festival and Jazz Artists in Schools program.

The museum opened in 2010, and the Tulsa City Council voted to create it in 2012.

The goal is to create a place where kids can play, learn and be inspired.

The program is supported by the TPUA Jazz and Cultural Alliance.

The TSU Foundation is an outstanding partner in Tulsa.

White says the TUAS is the most important part of his music career and his life.

He credits the organization with bringing a sense of community and community-building to Tulsa and a sense that it’s OK to explore and be different.

The organization is run by a diverse group of musicians and community leaders and offers programs for young musicians and musicians of color, and includes programs to help kids find their place in the world and get engaged in life.

“I want the TUA to be an incubator of a better music community, not just a music center,” White says.

“This is not just about music, but it’s about community, and it’s not just music for jazz, it’s music for all kinds of people, and we are at a time in our history where people want to get involved in music, and this is a wonderful way to get that involved.

Jazz and blues are great examples of that.

Jazz was invented to connect people, it is a community project and we should celebrate that.”

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