Lego’s new ‘sissy transformer’ can transform Lego sets into the ‘sicko’

Legos, one of the world’s most popular building sets, is going into the hands of Lego fans and fans of sicko.

The company is working on a new “sissy transformers” that can transform a Lego set into the sicko, a phrase used to describe people who are sick and feel unwell.

The new system can be used in several ways, including to make a character like Mickey Mouse into a sicko or make it so that Mickey and Minnie Mouse have a relationship.

“This is not a toy.

It is a way to express the sickness of our world,” Lego said in a statement to Business Insider.

The news of the project was first reported by Lego fan site LegoFanatic.

Legos said it was working with an unnamed “industry expert” to “create a functional prototype” for the “sickos” in its latest set, “The Lego Group: Lego Dimensions”.

The “silly” characters are made of plastic and have two parts, one inside and one outside, that can rotate and move independently.

Lego said the “fictional” characters were “a perfect fit for the sickos.”

The “Sissy Transformers” will come in four sets, starting with the “The Legos of America” set, which is set to come out later this year.

“In the next update, the team will be able to create the ‘Sissy transformer’ in three different sizes,” Lego added.

The “Legos of Earth” set is scheduled to come later this summer, while the “Lego Dimensions: The Sicko” set will be released next year.

Legoland theme parks in the US, Canada and the UK are among the companies who have signed up to the project.

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