Which Transformers Toys Are Best For Binge-Watching?

In the wake of the new season of Transformers: Robots in Disguise, fans have been clamoring for new toy sets to fill their homes with fun.

Now, EW has a list of toys that will fill your screen for up to four hours at a time, or even as long as five.1.

G1 Toys’ Megatron-themed Transformer CollectionTM (2015)The Transformers G1 toyline’s Megatron CollectionTM is available in three different sizes: 12 inches tall, 15 inches tall and 20 inches tall.

All three of these toys have an impressive array of accessories, from a grappling hook for the tall one to a pair of swords for the short one.

They even come with a little robot for the long one.2.

G2 Toys’ Generations Transformer SetTM (2014)The G2 Transformers Generations Transactor SetTM is a perfect gift for Transformers fans who are into the franchise.

It includes the iconic red, yellow and black Optimus Prime, along with a new Transformer named the Transformer Prime 2, plus the original Autobot, the Autobot Prime.3.

Hasbro’s Transformers Animated CollectionTM The Animated Collection is a collection of three different Transformers movies, and they’re all worth the price of admission.

You can watch the movies in their original theatrical format, which includes subtitles, a new trailer, and an animated intro.4.

J.J. Abrams Transformers MovieTM (2012)The Star Wars-themed Transformers Movie was originally meant to be the sixth Transformers movie, but Abrams dropped it when he realized the films weren’t going anywhere.

He re-imagined the Transformers series as an animated TV show, and it’s been a hit, selling over 50 million toys and DVDs since it debuted in 2012.5.

The LEGO Group’s Transformers Collectible FigureTM (2010)Like all LEGO toys, the Transformers Collectibles figure collection includes more than just toys.

You’ll also find a lot of minifigures and a few classic vehicles.

It also includes a robot to play with, which makes this the perfect gift if you’re looking for a cool and unique toy for your home.6.

Lego’s Transformers CollectionTM This is the most expensive toy collection ever, but it’s still a great way to spend a lot.

You might even get to meet Optimus Prime himself.7.

Hasselblad’s Transformers (2010, 2013)It’s hard to get enough Transformers figures in a box, but the Hassel Bladion Transformers collection is a good way to get some.

The figure collection is limited, and you’ll get a few of each character, but there’s also the original Optimus Prime and the two new ones from the show.8.

LEGO’s Transformers LegendsTM (2011)The LEGO Transformers Legends collection is really, really cool.

This is a really cool and creative collection, featuring Transformers characters from every generation.

It even includes a few characters from the movie, like the Autobots and the Decepticons.9.

Lego Star Wars TransformersTM The Transformers TM line is a line of figures that includes a lot more than Star Wars toys.

The figures are pretty cool, too, and even include toys from other franchises.10.

Hasbo’s TransformersTM (2009)It may sound like an odd name, but Hasbo is a Japanese toy manufacturer that specializes in transforming robots.

They’ve created a variety of Transformers figures, from the original Transformers to the Transformers Animated Series, and the latest one is the Optimus Prime 2.

That means this is the perfect toy for fans who love the show and want to collect the latest incarnation of the toy line.11.

Mattel’s Transformers-inspired ToysTM The latest generation of Transformers toys comes in a variety pack that includes the Autobos and Decepticon sets.

You may also want to check out the Optimus Legends figures, which are in the same pack.12.

Mattels TransformersTM Transformers, a line that includes Transformers toys and action figures, is a great one to pick up.

There are a ton of Transformers characters and action figure sets in this collection, which is also great for anyone who wants to learn about the Transformers universe.13.

Matt’s Transformers SeriesTM (2008, 2011)It looks like the line’s been dormant for a while, but this is still a solid collection for fans of the show to get excited about.

It’s not a Transformers series toy, but a variety set of toys featuring characters from other shows.14.

Mattes TransformersTM This one’s a little more challenging, since it’s a Transformers toy series, but you’ll still have to pick your favorite characters.

You also get a bunch of action figures to choose from, and there are plenty of Transformers fans in this pack.15.

Mattles TransformersTM There’s nothing better than getting your hands on a bunch at once and then having the whole lot be transformed into one big, fun party.16.

Hasboots TransformersTM

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