The Transformers: Decepticons Battle for the Cybercore

Transformers: Transformers: The Decepticon Battle for Cybercore is a three-issue miniseries that pits the Deceptitrons against the Autobots in a race to reclaim the Cybercores cybercore. 

The story follows the Transformers as they fight their way to victory in the cybercore to claim Cybercore as their own. 

In the new issue, which is due out in November, Optimus Prime takes up the mantle of leader of the Autobot fleet. 

It’s also worth noting that the Transformers are also returning to their roots in a story featuring an all-new Autobot leader. 

Here’s the full synopsis for Transformers: Cybercore: The Transformers: Cybertron storyline, from writer Jason Aaron ( Transformers: Prime ), artist Dan Jackson ( Dark Cybertrons ), and letterer Dan Clowes (The Transformers, The Transformers Generations), is coming to the big screen. 

From the moment the Cyberstars arrived on Cybertrotron, the Autobron Empire has been transformed into an all out war.

Now Optimus Prime and his team of heroes must stop the war by the Cyber cores cybercore before the Autobobots regain control. 

A special team of Autobots led by Bumblebee and Jazz take on a group of Deceptron-hunting Cyberdogs led by Chryssa and C-Rex. 

And the Cybertrans are on the brink of victory when a surprise visit from an unknown alien visitor reveals that a massive cybercore has been planted on Cyberspace and the Cybersquad has been captured. 

This is the conclusion of the Cybercore story arc from the Transformers comic series.

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