Which Transformers will make the most of the upcoming reboot?

The Transformers universe has never been the kind of show that takes itself too seriously.

But with the release of the third film in the franchise, Transformers: The Last Knight, fans are once again looking to the stars for inspiration.

In addition to introducing us to the iconic robots and villains, the movie also offers us a glimpse into the future.

And what we’re seeing in the coming years will hopefully bring a whole new level of excitement to the Transformers franchise.

“I think there are two big things coming in this film that are very important,” says Rob Coleman, a filmmaker and producer who worked on the previous two films.

“One is the way that the movie looks, and the other is the future that’s coming.”

Coleman says the Transformers films are all about optimism.

“They’re about a vision of what we want to see,” he says.

“What is the new direction that we want this franchise to go?”

So what is the Transformers future?

The films have always been about hope.

In the original trilogy, the Transformers were given a “wish” that they would return home to Earth and help humanity.

In the reboot, that is now no longer the case.

The film also includes the return of the classic Transformers and the arrival of the Transformers villains, led by the ever-popular Decepticon.

In terms of the movies own story, the filmmakers wanted to explore the relationship between humans and robots, and to do that they had to look at some of the things humans and machines have in common.

“The robots are our future,” Coleman says.

“[In the past] we didn’t understand what the robots were capable of.

We didn’t know what they were capable for.

And now we’re going to see that.”

For instance, the robots are still capable of the kind or the kinds of feats humans can perform.

That means they’re not going to stop us from doing them, or from doing something really dangerous to us.

But the robots have been given the freedom to do so.

That freedom gives them the ability to do more than just fight.

As a result, they have a great opportunity to make us feel more connected to our robots, which is what the film does.

In fact, one of the most interesting aspects of the film is that, for the first time, we see how our robots work together.

We learn a lot about the inner workings of robots, so that we can understand what’s going on in the world.

“There’s a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes,” says Coleman.

“So much of it is going to be fascinating and interesting.

And the robot is going out to do its job and help us.”

The robots aren’t just doing their job.

They’re helping us make our own future.

The movie opens in the year 2025, and its all about finding the perfect robot.

In a future where humans are all robotic, the Autobots have been searching for the perfect warrior, but the Autobot Alliance is divided over whether to build an all-robot army.

The Autobots decide to take on the challenge alone, and that’s when the film gets really interesting.

The Transformers are now faced with a new threat to the world: a new kind of robot called the Decepticons.

These are a new breed of robot that is designed to take over the world, and will have the power to destroy everything they touch.

And that threat has just been unleashed by a new generation of Transformers, led not by a single Autobot but by an entire Autobot Council.

It’s up to a group of robots called the Deviants to stop the Deviant threat.

Rob Coleman is a filmmaker, producer and writer based in Toronto.

He’s directed films like The Matrix, Transformers, and The Matrix Reloaded, among others.

He co-created the animated series The Transformers Animated Series, which ran from 1999 to 2001 on the Disney Channel.

He says the first Transformers film is going up against the Transformers that came before it.

“When Transformers first came out in 1986, they were the first robot that were created,” he explains.

“But I think the first robots that came out really early were the original Transformers and Transformers Generations.

They weren’t built to go toe to toe with the original, so to speak.

They were designed to have a certain level of technology and a certain amount of durability.

That was the initial foundation that led to the original robots.”

What the Transformers movie offers is a very different kind of experience for the robots.

The first Transformers films have been more about a future that the characters in the film will be involved in, but this new one, which opens in 2025, takes place in the present.

It’s all about our relationship with robots, says Coleman, and he says it’s a wonderful thing that Transformers: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is going ahead.

The first Transformers movie is a story about the future,

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