What’s the deal with the Transformers?

When Transformers: The Movie was first released, fans were left with the most in-depth understanding of the original series yet.

But that all changed when the new film came out.

There are now more details on what to expect from the movie than fans could have ever expected.

Transformers: The Complete Series, a new series that will be released in 2019, has been released in the US and Canada, along with some other countries and territories.

The film starts with the original trilogy, which was a collection of the first two films.

This time, the film focuses on the characters from the series, including Cybertron, the alternate dimension where the Transformers were created.

From there, it picks up where the first film left off, with the new films new timeline where the Cybertrons are all destroyed.

With the new timeline, we’ll see more of the world of Cybertra, as well as a new alternate dimension to explore.

A new film trailer for Transformers:The Complete Series.

There are a few new characters that fans of the series will notice in the film.

The first is the Decepticon who appears as a robot in the first movie.

He’s named Optimus Prime, and his new appearance will be revealed in the movie.

After he shows up, he’ll also make his debut as the first member of the Autobots.

His appearance is still a mystery, but he’ll be a part of the team.

He’ll make his first appearance as part of Team Cybertrax, and is a member of their new team.

He’ll have a new mode in the new movie.

Autobots and Decepticons have to work together.

In the alternate timeline, the Autobot leader, Grimlock, has died, leaving the Autobotes leader to rule alone.

In his absence, Optimus Prime takes over.

Decepticons will be reunited once more.

This time, he leads the Autoboted forces against the Deacons.

He and his Deceptiks are also returning as a team.

The Autobots will be led by Optimus Prime again, and they’ll have the same robot mode.

And finally, Optimus’ younger self returns as the leader of the Deacon forces.

He joins Grimlock and his Autobots in a mission to destroy the Autobotic leader.

What’s the best thing about Transformers: Generations?

The fact that it will be the last film in the Transformers series, and not the final movie.

That’s not surprising, since they’ve already been doing films for years.

What is surprising is that the film is not based on the animated series.

“Transformers” creator Geoff Johns said that they wanted to avoid any continuity problems between the original Transformers and the films, because the two series have been so well-loved.

As for the characters in the original film, many will be new in the sequel.

The Transformers: Age of Extinction character designs were created by Michael Bay and Josh Trank, but it was not part of his script.

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