Why we can’t stop Transformers from being Transformers in our own backyard

When it comes to Transformers toys, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that a place like Canada would have a Transformers convention.

So why isn’t Canada?

In a recent post, Transformers developer Michael Kotlin outlined some of the reasons for that lack of recognition.

Kotlin also said that while he has a few ideas to bring Transformers back to Canada, he thinks the best option would be to let the games be the focus.

“The Transformers universe has been hugely successful in the US and Canada, but we are not on the same level in Canada, especially considering the popularity of the original trilogy,” Kotlin said.

“To get us back to the US in the future, we will need to do things that are much different.”

One of those things is the possibility of bringing back characters from other Transformers games.

Kotlins original plan for a Transformers game was for the game to feature some of his favourite characters, including Optimus Prime and Megatron.

“My first thought was to have Optimus Prime be in the game, to have the Autobots be in it, to introduce them to the game,” Kotlins said.

So what exactly is Kotlin planning to do with Optimus Prime in the new game?

“We have the same idea with the Decepticons.

They will have the ability to turn into a Decepticon, which is an original idea.

They’ll be more of a threat than they are in the original games.”

Kotlin doesn’t want the Deacticons to be the main threat, but he thinks that if they’re a more important threat than other characters, they should be playable in the story.

“I feel that if the Deceptions have been a huge factor in the past, they’re not going to be as important in the present, and so I feel that they should still be in there,” he said.

But that doesn’t mean Kotlin is completely against the idea of letting a different version of Optimus Prime appear in the Canadian version of the game.

“We do want to keep it a mystery, we do want the Autobot story to be part of the Transformers universe, and we do feel like that would be very interesting,” Kotlyn said.

Kotlyn also said he’s aware that some fans might not be up for the idea.

“At the end of the day, I think that the Transformers franchise has a lot of fans,” he told GameSpot.

“But I also think that if we were going to do a game that had the Deception story, I would really love to see that story play out in the franchise.”

It’s hard to tell what the plans are for Kotlin’s new game, but Kotlin has said he hopes to make it playable by the end to 2017.

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