Why the GOP won’t embrace Trump’s ‘America First’ agenda

A former Trump campaign official is raising questions about how the GOP establishment is embracing President Donald Trump’s agenda, with a former top aide saying it’s not clear that the party is embracing Trump’s priorities or policies.

The question was posed at a Tuesday night dinner hosted by the conservative FreedomWorks, where former Trump aide Peter Navarro, a fellow FreedomWorks board member, spoke about the GOP’s current state of affairs.

Navarro said he had not heard from anyone in the party to say they were endorsing Trump.

“I don’t know how you can call that a consensus.

I don’t think it’s possible,” Navarro told The Hill.

The comments were made in an interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Navaro, who previously worked for the Trump campaign and worked for former President George W. Bush’s reelection campaign, said that the GOP has been in a state of flux since Trump was elected in November.

“We have a party that has been very dysfunctional,” Navaro said.

“I don`t know how we are going to build consensus, but we have to build a coalition that works together.”

Navarro also said that Trump is the only person on the right who is “in the White House that actually knows what the issue is and has the vision for how to deal with it.”

Trump, who has been repeatedly criticized for not knowing the issues and for being out of touch with voters, has touted his administration as a success.

He has said that he has taken steps to improve healthcare, reduce regulations, and address immigration and terrorism.

But his administration has also taken many steps to roll back protections from LGBTQ rights and to rollback climate policies, which Navarro says has harmed the economy and harmed communities of color.

In response, Navarro has said he thinks the party will be a better place once Trump is gone.

“The party has to start building coalitions, starting with the base,” he said.

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