How to Transform Into Hotshot Transformers #3: Hot Shot Transformation Rules (HTCG #3)

Transformers, a new team of young women, take on a team of old-school transformers to save the world.

It’s a series of short stories that takes the form of a one-shot comic, but there’s a lot of action in them.

We caught up with writer and artist Tara Houser to find out what’s going on in these stories.

What inspired this project?

Tara Houler: We were very inspired by the fact that there are so many great female characters and that there is so much to explore with them in the Transformers universe.

So I started working on this project after a short hiatus with my other projects.

What was it like working on Transformers: Hot Shots?

Tara: I started in my new job, working in a movie theater, and I was really bored with it.

Then I decided I wanted to be a cartoonist, so I was looking at a lot more comic books, and after a while, I realized I could do comics, and then I realized, “Oh, there’s something else I can do!”

So I was able to turn to my comic book and say, “Okay, I can turn into Hot Shots.”

The whole concept is so grounded in the comic book that it’s actually funny, and it’s so weird.

I didn’t know that there was a way to make it so that it could be done in comics.

It wasn’t until I started doing it in animation that I realized that it was a fun way to explore that, and to just explore it and to find that little bit more to do with the characters.

Did you have to do much to make the comic more realistic?

Tara, what did you guys start with?


Tara: For Hot Shots, we really wanted to explore the character of Hot Shots.

She’s kind of like a super-powered teenager, and she’s very, very tough.

The world is going to have to change to deal with her.

I thought it would be really fun to explore this character, and that’s what made me look for a story that would explore that.

What did you find?

It’s not necessarily a very realistic character, but it’s definitely a character that’s incredibly powerful, and there are a lot different ways that you can take her.

It has a lot to do, but the thing that’s really cool about this character is that she’s so independent, so she’s not afraid to do whatever she wants.

I think that’s a really great way to use a character and to create this new world that’s very different from the one that we’re used to.

She has a real sense of humor, so that’s important to her.

She also has a pretty cool side, which is interesting because that’s kind in contrast to the rest of the team.

What are some of your favorite moments from the comic?

Tara and I have really strong chemistry, and we do a lot together.

So there are times where we’re just sitting in the same room and we’re both just talking and laughing.

We just love working together, and the characters and the story is really fun.

What about the art?

I think the most important thing about the comic is that it looks beautiful.

I always try to draw everything in black and white, and sometimes I just do one thing and sometimes it looks like I’ve been trying to do that forever.

I love to create a different palette, but I think it’s really important to really capture a sense of the colors and the atmosphere of the story, so we have to be careful not to let the colors get too saturated, because then it looks kind of ugly.

What’s your process like for creating art?


Tara.: I do the art for the entire project.

We have a great group of artists that work for us, and they come in and help us do the coloring, the brushwork, the drawing of the cover art, and all the little things that go into the comic.

There’s a whole team that help us out, so there’s not a lot we can do that we can’t do by ourselves.

How much did it take to do this project, and what did the team come up with?

I mean, it’s a one shot comic, and some of the stories are really long.

We had to do the storyboards in order to get everything done.

What I really love about this is that I really want to explore a variety of different characters and see how we can create a variety, and see what it would look like if I could take it in a new direction.

Did this comic have any special effects or CGI elements?

Tara- Is it true that Hot Shots and the other characters in Hot Shots are actually in the game?

I thought Hot Shots was an action figure, so it seemed like the perfect fit for

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