The shockwave transformer table: a new, non-invasive tool for the isolation transformer

article The shockwaves produced by a transformer can cause headaches for some people.For some, it’s a nuisance.But if you’re one of those people, you’ve got a tool to help you deal with them: the isolation transformers siege.This is an electrical device that uses the shockwave generated by the transformer to cause damage to your body […]

‘Hollywood’ is back on fire: Why ‘Hook’ and ‘The Hangover’ are back on the charts

With ‘The Conjuring 2,’ ‘Hitch,’ and ‘Jaws,’ it’s time for a sequel.But is it a success?Is it the next big hit?Are the other movies just hype?We’ve got all the answers to these questions, so we sat down with the creators of ‘Honeymooners’ and other movies we love to hate, to get their take on why […]

How to transform your face with omega supreme’s new body transformation software

The company behind the revolutionary omega supreme face-transformation software is preparing to release its next update to its face-tracking software, Omega Supreme 3, this week.This is an important update as Omega Supreme continues to be a popular choice for those looking to take their selfie, video chat or video-sharing experience to the next level.But there’s […]

Why do men smoke?

Why do women smoke?The question of why men smoke is the subject of a number of different studies and theories.Some studies suggest that smoking may be an indicator of physical and mental health issues, while others suggest that the smoke can lead to cardiovascular disease and death.However, a review published in the BMJ by researchers […]

Primus Transformers: G1 (Gorgeous)

G1, the original G1 transformers from the original Transformers, have a new look. You can now buy them in the Gamestop store, but they’re available exclusively on Transformers G1: The Complete Collection, a Blu-ray set that features all 25 G1 episodes. The collection will include the entire series, which was originally released in 1994 and also includes […]

How to transform your garage doorbell transformer wire to make a sexy bumblebee costume

How to install a doorbell transformer wire on your garage floor.The doorbell is a very simple appliance.The wiring harness goes through a metal pole and connects the doorbell to the wall, and the wire is connected to the door’s light bulb socket.You can also use a transformer.A transformer is a device that converts a short […]

How to use a star wars Transformers toy to make a film

article Transformers and the Star Wars franchise have been on a roll for over three decades. Since the release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the series has had a massive presence on television, movies and digital platforms. Now, the movie franchise has come to life with a new toy, a Star Wars-themed Transformers. The new toy is […]

How to watch Nickelodeon’s ‘Transformers’ on the TV Everywhere app

When you’re watching TV, you’re almost guaranteed to hear a certain sound: “Transformers!”This is the sound that most of us have come to associate with the series.In fact, the sound has become so familiar that you can practically hear it in your living room.This isn’t just a sound of the show, though; it’s the sound […]

How to transform a Funko Pop! Transformers animated figure

Transformers: The Last Knight, Funko’s latest entry in the iconic cartoon franchise, will transform a young Khloe Kardashian from an innocent teen into a transformed human, thanks to the company’s own in-house transformation software.This will be the first time since the movie was released that Khloe will be transformed in-game.It’ll be a lot of fun […]

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