How to watch Nickelodeon’s ‘Transformers’ on the TV Everywhere app

When you’re watching TV, you’re almost guaranteed to hear a certain sound: “Transformers!”This is the sound that most of us have come to associate with the series.In fact, the sound has become so familiar that you can practically hear it in your living room.This isn’t just a sound of the show, though; it’s the sound […]

Jazz: A Transformative, Innovative, and Sacred Journey

Posted November 19, 2018 07:25:31A young jazz musician who left home for college with a dream to be a composer and perform has turned his life around with his own transformational music.The story of Jazz, which begins in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1973, has been told in films and television.In this first-person musical account, composer and […]

How to watch ‘Transformers’ 2 and ‘Arcee’ on TV and Blu-ray

The next installment of the popular sci-fi series “Transformers” franchise will premiere in 2019, according to an article published on The Hollywood Reporter.The article, which was first reported by Deadline, does not reveal a release date.But it does offer a preview of what to expect from the movie that is set to feature new characters […]

‘Transformers: Prime Arcee’: This movie looks like the next Transformers movie!

From: TheGuardian (UK) article Posted: 19 April 2018 12:38:13A decade ago, director John Howe put Transformers: Prime as a movie idea in a drawer, after he felt it was “not really what we had in mind” to make.The movie is about an all-female, robot-powered Autobot team that travels to Cybertron in a quest to save […]

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