How to Play the NHL® Transformation Battle in Pokemon Showdown (Wii U)

Nintendo and Nintendo Switch fans have an exciting new game in the works, Pokemon Showdown.The battle mode takes place in a massive arena full of Pokemon and Pokemon-inspired structures that will take your team to battle against each other.Nintendo says it’s bringing the battle to a live stage, which you can play in the new […]

What is transformer? The Transformation Rules

The Transformers: The Last Knight star Kahloe Kardashians transformation from a young girl to a woman has sparked a new generation of Transformers fans.The actress, who plays the mysterious Transformer Maximus, has been featured in the animated series since the 2016 season premiere.But her transformation from teenage girl to female is a new and more […]

Which Transformers Toys Will Get The Best Reactions To the Releasing of Transformers: The Last Knight?

Posted January 04, 2019 09:00:00By now, we all know how this one is going to go.As the summer blockbuster season ramps up, the studios are getting ready to release their next wave of Transformers, and we know that we are going to see more of the characters we know and love get the big-screen treatment.However, […]

Adele transformers toys,Walmart transformers transformation,WalMart transformation

A toy company’s transformation of a toy store is just a matter of hours, and it’s been a busy year for a few retailers.Walmart, which has been selling the Transformers toy line for nearly a decade, has been making strides in transforming its Walmart Thrift store in the U.S. into an outlet for the toys […]

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