When ‘Bonescrusher’ Comes to Toys, Transformers Will Be Different, Says CEO

The makers of Bonescrusher, a toy-like transformation robot, have announced a partnership with Transformers Toys 2020 to bring the transformation robot to stores in 2020.The announcement comes on the heels of a joint statement from Transformers and the company announcing a collaboration to bring their transformers toys to toy stores in 2021.“Transformers Toys has been […]

How to transform your body with a body fat loss program

Body fat is one of the most common and overlooked health problems in the United States, yet many are unaware that the condition is under-recognized and under-treated.According to a 2015 study, only 3.9 percent of women and 1.7 percent of men in the U.S. had lost at least 10 percent of body weight over the […]

Tesla energy transformation examples with transformers

By Michelle Stocks By Michelle STOCKMAN | Medical News Now, the Tesla Energy transformation examples are starting to get a bit more real.Tesla has started offering energy transformation services for customers.The company says that when customers purchase a Tesla Energy vehicle, they’ll be able to get the following:Energy-saving electric vehicle charging stations that offer up […]

How to draw cartoon horses with CSS transforms

It’s hard to explain how easy it is to transform a horse into a cartoon character.With CSS transforms you can animate a cartoon horse with CSS.For example, if you wanted to animate a horse’s tail to go up, you could create an animation using CSS transform: translate(30deg); and CSS transform { translate(10deg); } to create […]

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